What We Do

Our all-inclusive, operational solutions will ensure the efficient and smooth running of your business. This includes internal processes, workflow management, system resourcing and stakeholder management. Our experienced team can manage your operational aspects from sales support to general management. Our methods encompass the whole operational lifecycle from business analysis to implementation. In addition to the operational services, our team are highly experienced in managing a range of projects within your business.

Holistic Operations

Holistic Operations

At Zekii we utilise your business data to help formulate success and growth in areas of your business. With our business consultancy services, we offer a one-on-one consultation, where we discuss areas of improved efficiencies, growth opportunities and strategic business plans. Our analytical reporting will help provide you with an objective view and any recommendations necessary to helping you achieve your short and long-term goals. If that long-term goal is to sell your business, we will work towards achieving the best outcome and ROI.

Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

Accounts & Bookkeeping

Our experienced and dedicated Australian based team offer tailored accounting solutions to best fit your business and budget. Our Financial Accounting services include: accounts payable, accounts receivable, debt collection, balance sheet reconciliations, preparation of Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet, and Payroll Management. We will also liaise directly with your Tax Accountant when required throughout the financial year. 


Our team are experienced to handle all areas of accounting. As such, our Management Accounting services include: budgets, forecasts, cash flow management, regular business reviews, financial/product/customer analysis and any 3rd party reporting requirements. All reporting is used to ensure actual results are on target, to achieving the desired result and are aligned to the core business strategies. Furthermore, we also provide Bill and Collect Services, where we manage your meter read or seat based billing, collection of monies owed and payments to funders. Allowing you to continue to focus on service excellence.

Accounting Services

From strategic planning to campaign execution, we work with you to tailor a Marketing Plan that suits your business. Specialising in small business and local area marketing; we have experience in a range of media and local event planning. We offer a customised and personal service to ensure that we understand your business, area, customer and what you want to achieve.


Our customised and personal service ensures we understand your business needs.


Whether you are looking to sell a service or item, grow your business or spread a message - we live in a world where social media rules, and it can be overwhelming.

We consult with you on how to best position your business on social media, ensuring it is portrayed appropriately. Our plans are flexible and suited to your business, and our Facebook Certified team ensure your social perception is everything you need.

Our two focus platforms are Facebook and Instagram, however we are happy to work with you if you wish to expand your social media reach

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

At Zekii, we offer the development of mentoring programs for individuals or groups within your business. From professional development, stakeholder relationships and business culture understanding as well as change management undertaking. Our mentoring program is designed to help you develop the necessary skills to further your business growth.

Telecommunications CRM

Zekii CRM offers a core solution, specifically designed for the telecommunications industry, which is an approved Telstra CRM provider, for the Telstra Licensed Channel. This core solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics, is a foundation which clients can customise for their business needs. This why we are passionate about ensuring the customer experience is amazing to everyone involved. 


Zekii CRM helps to connect team members together as the customer transaction progress completion and after sales service. Zekii CRM interfaces with Signature Software’s Ice Point of Sale System. So, when a mobility order is finalised in Zekii, it automatically generates the invoice in Ice. Thus, eliminating the need for manual processing by the provisioning team.


The API also updates stock master details, mobile and fixed schedules, customer data and daily sales transaction, meaning dashboards and reporting are always up-to-date. Zekii CRM also interfaces with Telstra’s CRM CSSA to enable the automatic updating of Targeted Offers and contact details from Zekii to CSSA

Telecommunications CRM

Your website is your online face - for the world to see.

We use a flexible and mobile based platform to design, construct and implement your website needs.

Included in all packages are:

  • Website design and consultation

  • Construction

  • Platform Hosting

  • Revisions

  • DNS setting changes 

Don't have a domain yet? We can retain one for your website. 

We take a modern, fresh approach to the world of websites and ensure your website accurately reflects your business.

Website Production
Website Production